TMJ: #11

Several years ago, before my breast cancer diagnosis, I got a case of TMJ or Temperomandibular Joint.   Since I do voiceovers, I needed to deal with this jaw pain and popping as soon as possible. My  wonderful dentist, Dr. Darrell Roberson made me a retainer in order to treat the TMJ. My retainer gave me a bit of inspiration.

This was my very first recording using my phone.  It was clearly my first time using imovie too.  My friend and a practicing neurologist, Dr. Paul Atchison was in the dentist office for a routine visit while I was getting my retainer adjusted.  Rachael, the office manager took the video for us.  

The sound is barely audible but just watch the body language and you'll get the idea.

If you were paying attention and could read my lips on the first part of the video, I said we were going to be treating a man with a problem in his tibia mandibular joint.  Uh, hello, the tibia is your shin bone and goes along with the fibula.